Understanding Watermarks - A Photographers Guide to Not Looking Like an Idiot


Where do I start…

… I’ll start with this - I am a professional photographer making a living taking photos in the fashion industry. I have a full time job with a major clothing company that I earned with hard work and perseverance. That being said, I am no expert in photography, and still learn…


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forgot to post my thesis so here it is.

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st. armands
lido key, sarasota, fl
lido key, sarasota, fl
sarasota, fl
turtle beach, sarasota fl
got a new camera courtesy of lomography.com so i’ll be posting a few photos
shoes ad for still life/advertising
beer ad for still life/advertising
body wash ad for still life/advertising final
shampoo ad for still life/advertising final


Yeah! It only took forever to do, but I’ve finally begun to release my thesis work. I’m upset about some technical issues that occurred when trying to record, and on top of five classes, I haven’t had the time to fix the issue. But I promise, I want it up here as much as you guys do! So the songs…

follow this girl and check out her work, she’s kicking ass and taking names

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